Graduate Show

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The legendary and complex relationship between humans and horses is an enduring one. The horse’s distinctive blend of grace and strength and its sleek beauty have long been analysed, admired and represented in artistic form—whether through painting, sculpture or photography.

Engaging with the equine subject I proceeded to gain as much knowledge as I could through the handler.
Although the animal intrigues me, I feel it is important that the images have a narrative for the viewer.

This series of images has set out to capture through my photography the relationship of man and animal, and the majestic equine that it was born to be.

I wanted to portray Fine Art photography that does justice to equine nobility and to record an aesthetic moment that conveys to the viewer emotion and poignancy resulting in body language of the horse, which shows its feelings and draws the viewer into the frame.

There are many layers in the complex relationship, and by showing the presence of the human; the bond between man and animal is revealed.
The dedication and passion of the ‘Horse Whisperer’ achieves reconciliation in our troubled relationship with the equine world.

The images are of two very different yet unique horses; Alfie of fine thoroughbred breeding on the road to recovery after his rescue from the abattoir’s lorry and Mr. Edd the beautiful traditional gypsy cob show stallion, whose portrait was taken in the studio.
Both convey a different story of one man's unique ability of horsemanship.

With thanks to Barry Thomas and Rhian Jones who gave their time, patience and trust to make this body of work possible.